Why do I feel hot but my skin is cold?

Why do I feel hot but my skin is cold?

 Some times you feel hot inside but your body is cold outside, there is no need to worry about it if you feel rarely or occasionally this situation because it is harmless and more common. Most people in the world experience hot inside with a cold body.

Why do I feel hot but my skin is cold? Yes, you can feel hot with cold skin because of fever, thyroid issues, stomach related problems, anemia, poor blood circulation, and sensitive skin. It is recommended that you visit your doctor if this condition persists.

It may be due to living in a cold place or may you have a fever. But if you continuously feel hot every time and your body is cold to touch then others or your body is getting cold easily. You feel temperature but the thermometer does not show temperature because of the cold body.

Now your body is giving you signal through the cold body or it is like a bell that something is going to wrong. This is an alarming or dangerous situation because it may be due to serious health problems such as thyroid problems, poor circulation, and anemia. But stay calm because these are curable. You should go to the doctor for a checkup. 

Why do I feel hot but my skin is cold?

Here we will discuss in detail all the reasons and causes of feeling hot but your body is cold. 

Internal temperature

Internal temperature is the condition in which a person feels too hot but the body is cold and the temperature does not felt on your head, palm or sole or cannot be measured by the thermometer. In this cold temperature a person feels headache, cold sweats, feeling hot, tiredness, body shivering, malaise, and low energy level.

When you are suffering from this fever you should take rest or lying down as much as possible and take a bath of lukewarm water. The common cause of this fever is taking over anxiety or stress which affects the body internal system but the person seems healthy and fit. In general fever, doctors recommended simple medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen but if the thermometer does not show any temperature you should not take any medication.

You should just take off warm clothes for discomfort. But if your temperature persists for a long time then you should visit a doctor for a physical checkup to diagnose the actual disease.

Stomach problems

The other cause of cold temperature is the disturbance of your stomach due to the problem of digestion. If your digestive system does not work properly then it causes you to feel too hot with a cold body. Digestive problems occur due to malnutrition or intake excess fast foods or it can also occur due to low use of healthy food.

When the body suffers from the deficiency of essential vitamins and proteins then your body may experience some internal disturbance in the form of feeling hot but your body still cold. So it is necessary to take essential minerals or food regularly and always try to avoid spicy or oily foods.

Anemia can make you feel hot but skin is cold

The other basic cause of feeling hot but your body is cold is anemia. The cause of anemia is the deficiency of iron, Vitamins B-12 and red blood cells to prevent the cells to carry sufficient oxygen from the body. The body requires vitamins B-12 and iron to proper blood flow. In this way, the circulatory system can not provide warm blood properly so your body remains cold all the time.

The symptoms of anemia are dizziness, irregular heartbeat, fatigue, weakness, and paleness. The other main cause of anemia is heredity and most women experience anemia due to pregnancy and menstruation. To fight with anemia you should take a sufficient amount of iron and vitamin B-12. You should consume fish, beef, and seafood because these are rich in iron and Vitamin B-12. You can also use supplements or tablets of vitamin B-12 and iron that are available on pharmacy.


The main reason for feeling too hot but the body is extremely cold is thermoregulation. You will suffer thermoregulation when you have extremely high temperatures. The thermoregulation process happens in the hypothalamus because the hypothalamus detects the body temperature inside. The other cause of a cold body with hot feeling is the problem in the functioning of the hypothalamus.

Due to the malfunctioning of the hypothalamus the brain is unable to manage the environment. So it cause our body cold but you feel hot and it is noticeable. You can control the imbalance or improper body temperature by wearing appropriate dress so we can also protect our body from the problematic or harsh weather.

Studies show that eating such foods that contain saturated fat may harmful or dangerous for the hypothalamus. You should take leafy vegetables like spinach, mint, fenugreek, coriander, and other leafy vegetables, fish and walnut are the best alternative to the fat because these contain omega-3 acids.

Improper circulation of blood

You feel this condition when the problem occurs in the blood circulation. Poor blood circulation occurs due to the blockage of veins and arteries. Weak blood circulation suffers by the patients of diabetes and in old ages. Reduced blood flow also occurs when people are suffering from different health problems. They become cold when arteries did not provide warm blood.

The feet and hands are too hot despite the other body parts still cold to touch in this situation. You can improve blood circulation throughout the body by regular exercise and a healthy diet. You can also increase the flow of blood by using simple home remedies or taking a meal on time. You can increase your circulation through eating foods that are useful for high blood flow.

Try to use food that is rich in antioxidants because they help to clean blood arteries and improve the flow of blood. Vegetables, tea, and fruits are full of antioxidants. Vitamin C also improves the blood vessels help to increase blood flow. You can also take supplements of vitamins. Citrus fruits like lemon, kiwi, papaya, and vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli are contributing to promote good circulation because these contain vitamin C. Using Vitamin A is also good for healthy and glowing skin.

You should also consult a doctor to promote blood circulation or find about the main cause of this condition. Poor blood circulation is not only the symptom of feeling hot or having cold skin but it is also the other chronic symptoms like diabetes, old age, heart problems.

Dehydration can make your feel hot with cold skin

The temporary cause of feel hot with the cold body is dehydration it mostly occurs in the warm places or the places of high temperature. When you are experiencing excessive sweating then the body starts to direct the blood in important body parts such as lungs, brain, and heart and less to your skin, fingerprints, toes, nose, as a result, these parts remain cold every time.

There is a simple method to get rid of dehydration is to avoid warm places, hot meals and drink plenty of water minimum of eight glass in a day. The intake of a high amount of water depends on your thirst level because if you feel thirst then you are dehydrated so drink more water all day. It is not a permanent solution to feel hot inside and have a cold body. If you are still feeling this situation despite having a lot of water then you must go to the doctor to check out.


If you are feeling hot and your body is cold for a long period it may be due to severe chronic disease is cancer. Because undiagnosed cancer has the symptoms of feeling hot, weakness and chills. But do not consider this if you are having this situation rarely that you have chronic disease because it may cause other psychological problems too like stress or anxiety. So if you have persistently this condition you should see a doctor for the physical exam to find out the disease.

Suffering from thyroid disorders

Thyroid disorders lead to imbalance body temperature because of thyroid glands secret hormones which cause the body warmth. If you have underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism will cause the feeling of hot and body ic cold. The problem in thyroid affects the hypothalamus which is responsible to control body temperature and the hypothalamus is the main gland of the brain.

The thyroid gland secret or release chemicals which left a bad effect on the hypothalamus. The symptoms of thyroid disorders are loss of memory, fatigue, hair thinning, depression and dry skin. There are two types of thyroid disease, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism both of them are sensitive to temperature. In hypothyroidism a person more sensitive to excess temperature but in hyperthyroidism, a person more susceptible to the low temperature.

Thyroid disorders greatly affect the metabolism. The thyroid disorders also affect the proteins transferred in the blood. If you are experiencing this condition then you should go to the doctor and take a test of blood to find the thyroid hormones level in your body and start the medication to get rid of thyroid problems. Take medicines regularly and use a healthy diet to fight against the disease. If your thyroid problems treated successfully then your temperature automatically stable.

Metabolism rate

The metabolism also is the source to maintain body temperature inside. The metabolism works to convert or transfer fat and calories into the fuel of the body. When your metabolism in the process of converting minerals your body generates heat. The people who are suffering from heat inside have a fast metabolism because they produce or generate more heat.

And the people who have slow metabolism have cold body temperature. The people who are feeling hot but have a cold body is the sign of high metabolism rate. If you are suffering from this condition you should try to improve metabolism rate. You can increase your metabolism rate by consuming a high amount of protein and you should also drink the standard amount of water 7 to 8 glass daily, do exercise regularly and also increase your sleeping hours. So when your metabolism rate is high then your internal body temperature stable and you feel healthy, fit and active.

Overstress and anxiety

The common cause of feeling hot but body is cold is to take over stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety cause physical changes like fatigue, nausea and improper body temperature. When we feel nervous and getting stress our muscles shrink and tense and this cause problem in blood circulation.

This causes feeling hot but the body is cold. You should avoid stress or anxiety because these can lead to other skin problems like wrinkles, signs of aging and making your color dull. You should go for a daily morning walk, do exercise and use a healthy diet. Try to busy yourself in some tasks that help to avoid stress and give you pleasure.


Diabetes is such a disease that brings more diseases. Diabetic patient always has imbalance or improper temperature. If you are prone to diabetes it may cause feeling hot but their body is cold to touch because diabetes affects the blood circulation. You can use AHA and BHA for better results.

Diabetes causes damage or destroys blood arteries and blood vessels with passing time which causes poor blood flow and feeling pain all the time. With diabetes, your blood arteries and blood vessels do not widen and dilate as they needed which makes it difficult to flow blood into the skin. Because of diabetes sweat glands do not work properly which make difficult to flow blood accurately. This can also cause needle pricking sensation on your skin surface

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