What causes eyelashes to grow downward?

What causes eyelashes to grow downward?

Eyelashes are the short wavy hair growths on both upper and lower margins of the eyelids, provide great help to stop entering the dust particles in the eyes. It protects the eyes from environmental situations like dust particles, rain, and other reflexes. 

Eyelashes provide the reflex action against any attack of insect and object; it automatically closes when something comes near the eye. It works as a protective agent for the eyes. 

What causes eyelashes to grow downward? Eyelashes can grow in a downward direction because of injury, infection to the eye, inflammation, and Triachiasis. It is recommended to visit a nearby doctor if this condition persists. Eyelashes present at the time of birth, but very short in size, it gradually increases in size with the passage of time.

Similarly, along with protection, eyelashes enhance the beauty of the eyes and make them beautiful. It is the condition that is sometimes very annoying and painful for the patients. In some cases, it clears easily on its own, and in others, it needs too long treatment. It completely depends on the severity of the disease.

What causes eyelashes to grow downward?

Eyelashes are present on both upper and lower margins of eyes since birth. But at the time of birth, it looks like small cilia that grow outward. Eyelashes growth has a proper cycle that complete in three steps. 

The first phase is the ANAGEN phase; in this phase, the growth of eyelash occurs. This is the time when eyelash gets root and grows to become longer, and it will be thick after averagely 30 to 45 days.

The second phase is the CATAGEN phase that lasts for almost 2 to 3 weeks. It is just like a resting phase. In this phase, the eyelashes do not grow or thick any further. In the third and final phase, eyelashes will stand to continue, and then it falls out. It is the longest phase, and it lasts for two to three months. This phase is known as the TELOGEN phase.

Trichiasis causes eyelashes to grow downward

In the above cycle, proper growth of eyelashes is mentioned, but the downward growth of eyelashes is due to some disease. The most common disease due to which downward growth of eyelashes occurs is due to TRICHIASIS.

Trichiasis is the condition in which few eyelashes grown downward or in any other wrong direction. It gradually spreads from few to all eyelashes and creates serious problems for the eye and eyesight. It is the condition that causes blindness if it persists for a long time.

It is the condition that occurs after infection when the eye or eyelid gets hurt due to some reason or accident. This disease occurs most commonly in adults, but it is less common in children. It occurs in some people due to extra eyes rubbing.

Symptoms of Trichiasis

In this disease, you always feel that something is in your eye. Sometimes it will be red, and redness also spread around the eyes. It is also sensitive to light and gets hurt when exposing to some subject, and it is teared up commonly and remains watery.

Vision also affected by this condition, and a person start suffering from blurred vision. These are the most common symptoms of trichiasis and no other special symptom for it.

Accident or injury

Downward growth of eyelashes occurs due to some injury or accident. Scar tissues that develop after any accidental attack can cause eyelash to grow downward and in any other wrong direction.

If the person has a history of eye surgery, she or he may also develop false growth of eyelashes. If unintentionally a sharp object hits the eye, this may also cause the development of downward growth of eyelashes.

Inflammation of the eyes

Inflammation of eye due to some disease or attack of harmful objects. Entropion is the condition in which the eyelid fold inward, and trichiasis occurs. Sometimes this condition occurs due to age-related factors.

In aged person muscle of the eye weakness and fold inward due to which trichiasis produced. 


The infection of the eye occurs due to some viral or bacterial attack. These microorganisms affect the eye badly and also the cause of the downward growth of eyelashes.

Herpes simplex affects the eye, and it is the reason due to which the eyelid damaged very badly. Due to damage to eyelid growth of eyelashes also get affected. You can use probiotics and they may speed up the recovery.

In a few uncommon cases, the chronic illness also the cause due to which mucous membrane or eyelid damage.

Effect of downward growth of eyelashes

If the downward growth not treated at urgent, it may be serious issues and severe infection in the eyes. As the eye is a very sensitive part of the body. This abnormal growth of eyelashes will affect the eye and cause chronic irritation in the eye.

This downward growth also affects the cornea of the eye, and the cornea may get an injury due to this abnormal growth. Cornea hurts because eyelash always brushes up the cornea.

Long contact of hairs with cornea causes serious irritation and infection, and this irritation leads to serious infection and scars. Due to this, eyesight also gets affected. 

If this situation gets worse, the person needs to get surgical treatment on an emergency basis.

Treatment for downward growth of eyelashes

Eyelash inward growth is treated by many methods. Sometimes it needs no treatment, and in other conditions, it needs a lot of ophthalmologist visits. Following are the few treatment plans that an ophthalmologist suggested when he diagnosed that patient suffer from trichiasis:

The most common treatment of downward growth of eyelash is the surgery of the eyelid. Due to surgery, the eyelash removed permanently. In some cases, the first step, the eyelash cut, and when after a few days it regrow, it will be in its correct position. But if it does not regrow at the correct position, it is removed permanently. 

After the temporary treatment of the downward growth of eyelash, one should need to be very careful for the next time and take great care of their eye so that it cannot grow downward.

Cryosurgery is the latest and new technique of eyelash treatment in this treatment affected eyelash freeze off from their follicles to treat trichiasis. Repositioning surgery is the best treatment of the downward growth of eyelash. 

Final Words:

As we all know, that eye is a very sensitive part of our body. As it enhances the beauty of our face, it also gives us many benefits. We are able to see natural beauty with this. Due to some infection and inflammation, it may get hurt.

In the above article, I explain the downward growth of eyelash it occurs due to accident or some microorganism infection. If it occurs, a person should visit the ophthalmologist immediately and follow his guidelines properly, and to save from further issues should follow proper instructions and take proper care of eyes and use sunglasses in sunlight and dust.

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