How to Remove Super Glue from Hands at Home?

How to Remove Super Glue from Hands at Home?

You can remove super glue from your hands at home with these easy methods. Super glue is also known as cyanoacrylate adhesives. They are used to form a bond and to repair the broken parts of any substance.

Super glue can be used for any kind of material like leather, glass, and plastic. Superglue forms a strong bond, and things adhere to each other easily.

How to Remove Super Glue from Hands at Home? You can remove super glue from your hands at home by using acetone, saltwater, paint thinner, glue remover, baking soda, and pumice stone. It is recommended that you gently remove the glue to prevent damage to your skin.

Super glue is extensively used in repairing and building wood or plastic work. Although it makes a powerful bond to its application, it can also stick to our hands. So, when we use it directly with our hands to repair something, it gets stick to our hands.

How to Remove Super Glue from Hands at Home?

This article explains the 12 best DIY methods to remove sure glue from your hands. You can perform all these procedures at home with simple and easy steps.

You should always wet your hands before removing the glue, start slow, and be gentle with your skin. It can take a while, but patience is the key here.

Use Acetone to remove super glue

Acetone is a powerful chemical that can dissolve super glue easily. It weakens the bond of super glue with hands and then completely dissolves it. If there is a small quantity of superglue in your hands, you can use acetone by soaking a cotton ball in it. 

You can use nail polish remover if you cannot find acetone in pure form. If the bond of the superglue with hands is too strong, then soak your hands in acetone. Leave your hands in acetone solution for at least 2 to 3 minutes. At this time, all the super glue will be dissolved in acetone, then wash your hands with soap.

Acetone is a harsh chemical, and it can irritate our skin. Acetone may cause rashes or even skin burns to people having sensitive skin. Use a diluted solution of acetone and rinses your hands immediately with soap to prevent any damage to the skin.

Apply Oil and butter

Butter and oil are excellent removers of superglue. Before soaking your hands in oil, soak your hands in warm water for one minute. Oils like olive oil and coconut oil are best suited for this purpose. Butter and margarine are also good options.

Soak your hands in oil for about five minutes. Then massage the oil in hands. This way, the oil will completely dissolve the super glue. Then wash your hands with soap. If you are using butter or margarine, take a piece of them and massage it on your hands. This will weaken the superglue bond, and your hands will be free from superglue.

Pumice stone

Pumice stone is commonly used in a house by women to clean their hands and feet. They are readily available at any store or pharmacy. The pumice stone can remove dead skin cells and dark spots. This stone is rubbed on hands to remove super glue. 

Before rubbing the pumice stone on hands, soak your hands in warm and soapy water, leave your hands in water for one minute. Then soak the pumice stone in it and rub it on the hands. Continue rubbing until all the glue is removed from the hands. Then wash your hands with water.

Avoid rubbing pumice stone on sensitive skin as It can cause the skin to scratch. In addition, people with any skin disorder should avoid using a pumice stone; this can make the situation even worse.

Glue remover

Glue removers are an easy way to remove the superglue. You can buy it from any nearby store. Glue removers of different brands are available at different stores. They provide quick relief from this glue. Always read the label and ingredients of glue remover before purchasing it. This will help you to rule out those to whom you are allergic.

The use of glue remover is straightforward. You need to apply it on hands. First, you need to apply it to your hands. The various brand gives applying spatula along with the glue remover. Apply it to all the areas where the glue is present. Leave it there for some time and wait until all the glue is removed. Then rinse your hands with water.

Use Saltwater

Saltwater is the simplest cure for your problem. Saltworks effectively in making the superglue bond weak. Due to this, it will be easy to scrape out the super glue. To make salt water add one glass of water to a bowl. Then add one to two tablespoons of salt. Then mix both of them thoroughly.

After mixing, soak your hands in it. Leave your hands in a solution for about five minutes. When you see the glue is becoming soft, scrap it out from the hand. Then wash your hands with soap and water.

If the super glue bond is powerful, then you can use salt water paste. Make a thick salt paste and rub it on your hands for one to two minutes. When all the glue is removed, then wash your hands with water. Salt should be used with caution as it may cause burning in the skin.

Detergent and shampoo

Detergent and shampoo can both be used to remove glue from your hands. First, they will soften the dry glue on their hands. Then it will be scraped out from hands easily. After that, you just have to make a solution of any mild detergent in a bowl. Then soak your hands in this solution.

People with sensitive skin should use shampoo and avoid detergents because the detergents can irritate their skin. Make a thick foam of shampoo on hands and rub your hands until all the glue is removed from hands. Then rinse your hands with water.

Use Baking soda

Baking soda is an essential ingredient in our kitchen cabinet due to its various uses. Baking soda also gives us relief from this sticky glue. In addition, baking soda has exfoliating properties, and it is used to exfoliate the skin. The procedure is simple and easy. It won’t take you much time.

First of all, make a thick paste of baking soda in water. Then, in half a cup of water, add one tablespoon of baking soda. Then mix both of them thoroughly until a paste is formed. Then rub this paste on hands. Continue rubbing until all the glue is removed from the hands. Then wash your hands with soap and water.

Mineral spirits

Mineral spirits are commonly used in thinning of paints and varnishes. They are not only used for thinning the paints but also removing paints from brushes. The mineral spirits can be found easily from the market. You can purchase any mineral spirit of your choice.

Take mineral spirit in a bowl and soak your hands in it. First, soak your hands in it for at least five two to three minutes. Then try to scrap off all the glue. Mineral spirit will soften the superglue, and it can be scraped out easily from hands. After this, immediately wash your hands with soap and water.


Sandpaper is an abrasive paper used to remove or scrape off the material from surfaces like paint or sands to smooth out the surfaces. The sandpaper is available in a variety of grit numbers. You can purchase any easily accessible sandpaper.

Take a small piece of sandpaper and then gently rub it on hands on the area where super glue is present. 

Be gentle while doing this; otherwise, it will scratch your skin. You can damage your skin by roughly rubbing the sandpaper on your hands. Wash your hands after removing the superglue and apply some moisturizer to your hands. This moisturizer will soothe the rough skin of hands.

Nail filer

Women use a nail filer to file their nails. First, they file the nails with a nail filer to give their nails a proper shape. Nail filer can also scrape off the super glue. Next, take a nail filer and rub its abrasive side on hands.

Nail filer can scratch out the skin if mishandled, so be careful while using it on hands. You can use a razor in place of a nail filer.

Paint thinner

Paint thinner is also a petroleum product like mineral spirit. It is also used to thin the paints and varnishes. They are also used to remove old paint from surfaces. It is a less refined form than mineral spirits. You can use paint thinner of your own choice.

Take a bowl and add some paint thinner to it. Then soak your hands in it. Soak your hands in it for about two minutes. While soaking gently, scratch out the super glue. When all the glue is removed from your hands, then wash your hands with soap.

Paint thinner has a pungent odor, which can cause discomfort to you. Cover your nose while using the paint thinner.


Vinegar is also an excellent option to easily remove the superglue when you have no budget to buy anything. Vinegar can soften the dry glue and then completely dissolve it. In addition, you can use apple cider vinegar to remove hair dye from the skin around the hairline.

Take a bowl and add a half cup of vinegar to it. Dip your hands in it for about two minutes. The vinegar will immediately remove all the superglue from the hands. After removing all the glue from your hands, wash your hands. Avoid touching your eyes as vinegar can irritate eyes.