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Do I Need Carbon Laser Facial Treatment?

Do I Need Carbon Laser Facial Treatment?

A carbon laser facial is renowned for its efficacy. It has been listed among the ten most popular and effective treatments for getting glowing and flawless skin. A carbon laser facial is also known as a china doll facial or charcoal black doll facial.

It also very popular among all Hollywood celebrities and has become a reason for stars fresh and radiant skin. In Europe and Asia, carbon laser facial has become a craze for the last ten years.

According to Duskyskin, Carbon laser facial is the safest laser treatment to treat all skin problems like pigmentation acne and scars. This facial is very affordable and consumes a little time. This facial provides an instant glow and fairness to all people. This is safe for all skin types and all ages. A carbon laser facial is one solution for multiple problems.

Do I Need Carbon Laser Facial Treatment?

A carbon laser facial is the best way to get flawless and glowing skin. Here I am going to describe the complete procedure and all the benefits of carbon laser facial. This entire article will help you to decide do you need a carbon laser facial or not.

The complete procedure of carbon laser facial is effortless and not time-consuming. This entire procedure takes only 20 to 30 minutes. A carbon laser facial should be performed on a Spa by some professionals. This facial includes laser treatment, which should be given in a separate set up designed for this purpose.

Step-by-step Guide for Performing Carbon Laser facial on your Face

Carbon laser facial exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin. CLF removes dirt dead cells and pigmentation from the surface. This carbon laser facial is excellent for dark skin people. Carbon laser facial consists of the following steps.

Removal of excess makeup and dirt

The first step of Carbon laser facial is preparing your skin for treatment. These steps include removing all excess dirt from your skin. Some soft cloth or towel removes excess dirt. Wet towels remove excess makeup, or sometimes some makeup removing serum is used for effectively eliminating all makeup and cream from your skin.

Application of carbon layer

After cleaning all the dirt and makeup, a thin layer of carbon lotion or cream is applied to your face. This cream or lotion is involved with some wooden spatula or directly by hands. This opaque layer of carbon is allowed to stand off ten t0 20 minutes and let it dry. This carbon layer on getting dry is attached to dirt oil dead skin and scales on face. This carbon layer penetrates deep into the skin to pull out dirt and dead skin cells.

Application of laser light

After the carbon layer is dried completely, it is ready to absorb laser light. A beam of laser light is directed from a tool to a carbon layer. This carbon layer absorbs light energy from the laser, and the reaction starts. This reaction causes an explosion in the skin. This explosion in the skin causes the activation of collagen and elastin in the skin.

This activation causes the generation of new skin cells. This explosion causes the vaporization of the carbon layer. The carbon layer vaporizes from the skin and pushes out all dirt oil pigments and dead skin cells from the surface.

A mild cracking sound is produced during laser treatment due to the explosion. The passage of laser light deep into the skin also causes a cracking sound. You should not be worried about this sound because this produces very slight discomfort and pain.

Application of IPL gel

After the use of laser light, a layer of IPL gel is applied. This gel is the water-based gel. A thin layer of this gel is applied to the skin. This gel helps in deep penetration of heat energy into layers of skin. This gel is used with a spatula on your face.

Actions of heat energy

Second-Time laser light is directed to penetrate heat energy deep into the skin. This heat energy causes feeling of heat on the face. This heat energy is the reason for your radiant and firm skin. As the heat energy is reached to inners of the skin healing process is activated.

The cell generation process begins. These new generating cells replace our old skin. This skin cell generation process continued for months.

Carbon Laser Peel Aftercare steps 

Aftercare does not consist of any hard steps. Aftercare treatment includes the only application of any SPF lotion on the skin. Avoid direct sunlight exposure, hot waters, and hot baths sometimes. For better and long-lasting effects, 3 to 5 treatments for 2 to 3 months are recommended.

Does carbon laser facial hurt?

A carbon laser facial is a safe procedure and there is no pain involved. You may feel laser sensations on your face but these are painless. I have seen a few patients who consider laser therapy is painful but in reality, this is just a myth. You can enjoy glowing and flawless skin without any pain with a carbon laser peel.

Benefits of carbon laser facial

A carbon laser facial is very beneficial for your skin. This facial performs multi-functions for your skin. Here are some of the benefits of carbon laser facial.

Reduction in wrinkles and lines

A carbon laser facial removes wrinkles and ranges from the face. This facial tightens up your skin. The removal of wrinkles and fine lines makes your skin looking younger and fresh. The heat energy in this facial causes skin to tighten up by generating new cells an causing an uplift in the skin.

Reducing premature aging

Carbon laser facial diminishes the aging effect on women. This facial removes wrinkles and lines from the face. This removal of wrinkles and fine lines treat aging effects in older ladies, making them young and their skin radiant and baby smooth.

Treatment of pigmentation

Pigmentation in ladies, which causes their skin to become dark and dull, is effectively removed by the carbon laser layer. The laser treatment of CLF provides heat energy deep into cells. This heat energy treats pigmentation by removing or destroying all melanin from the face. Pigmentation removal causes our skin to become fair and flawless.

Treatment of acne and scars

Bacteria cause acne on our faces. Laser treatment of CLF kills all these bacteria in the skin and hence treats acne in our skin. Scars or spots are removed by laser energy.

This laser energy causes collagen and elastin in our skin to become active. This activation causes the generation of new skin cells and the replacement of old dead skin.

Skin Whitening

Carbon laser facial makes our complexion radiant and glowing by removing all dust dead skin oil and pigments from skin. Deep cleansing of our skin causes our skin to become baby smooth fairer and younger. Laser energy removes all superficial skin and replacing it with the new fresh dermis.

Tightening of pores

Carbon laser facial not only tightens up our skin but also close our open pores by a deep cleansing of the skin. This deep cleansing removes all dirt and oil from skin pores and tighten up pores.

Beneficial for all skin types and ages

Carbon laser facial is not specific in skin types and ages. They are equally helpful for younger girls, ladies, and older women. This facial is for all skin types, either dry skin or oily skin; this is equally beneficial for all.

A carbon laser facial is very inexpensive. You can get multiple benefits in a small amount of money.

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