What is Beige Skin Tone?

What is Beige Skin Tone?

As we always say, every shade and skin tone is beautiful. It does not matter whether you are white, dark or you have beige skin tone; you look amazing in every skin color. The richness of your skin makes your personality even more alluring. There are many types and shades of skins all over the world. We would not be wrong to say that every region has a specific skin tone and it varies from place to place.

What is Beige Skin Tone? Beige skin tone is one of the sexiest skin tones you will ever see. It is neither too white nor too brown. A person with a beige skin can look like a person with fair complexion but the brownish or olive undertone might make you feel that it is quite different from a fair tone. The brown, yellow and green undertones can be seen in people having a beige skin color.

If you are unaware of this skin tone you might think that the person has got a tan but it’s not the case as they have this shade naturally. Some also refer to it as the Skin made of Gold.

What is Beige Skin Tone?

In this topic, we will tell you all about the beige skin tone, how to do makeover and what type of clothes would go best for this type of tone. We will also tell you how your favorite celebrities look stunning in their olive skins.

There are lots of speculations about the beige skin tone. The difference in undertones can bring a slight change in the overall lightness or darkness of the skin tone. Some people have darker beige skins while others have lighter ones.

If we talk about undertones, you can see that there might be a difference between the brightness of the skin. Most of the beige skinned people have a neutral undertone which makes it look neither too warm nor too cool.

This is one of the reasons that your skin does not look completely fair. For example, if we have a look at Jennifer Aniston’s skin, she has a fair color but still; there is a brown shade to that. The undertones play a huge role in telling if your beige skin will be fairer or browner.

If you want to check if you have beige skin or not you can simply do the vein test. In the vein test, you go out in a good light (preferably sunlight). You check your veins. If your veins appear to be having a greenish texture then you have beige skin. Sometimes if you have a brighter beige skin you cannot tell if you are fair or beige, check your veins and if they are somewhat like a mixture of both greens and blues then it is beige tone.

Ethnicities of Beige Skin tone

People with beige skin tone are spread worldwide, though most commonly you will find beige skinned people in the Asia, Mediterranean or Latin American parts of the World. The beige skin does not burn under the sun easily, but it can get a good tan.

The beige skin is close to the olive skin tone and that is why it has similar properties to it. Mostly Spanish, Italian and Mexican people are seen with such beige skin. Middle Eastern countries might also comprise a large number of people with a beige skin tone.

Other than that, if you fly towards the Southern part of Europe you will also find people with beige skin. The Eastern part of Africa might also be the place to find beige skinners.

Shades of Beige skin complexion

As I have mentioned earlier, the beige skin can comprise of many undertones which will make it look brighter or darker. We have compiled a list which can tell how many shades beige skin can be:

Light Beige:

If you look whiter with a little tint of brown or olive shade then you have a very fair beige skin. This type of beige has two shades called the soft beige and the rose beige,

Medium Beige:

The light beige skin tone has a light fair hue with a beige texture. The two distinguishable shades of this category are sandy beige and medium tan beige.

Medium Dark Beige:

The medium beige shade can be called as the Perfect Beige. It neither shows extremely fair nor shows extremely dark. The beige texture is celebrating itself on the skin and it looks perfect. The Honey Tan Beige can be called the medium-dark beige and it can be called the perfect beige.

How to look more stunning in your beige skin?

The most important question is how to make yourself look the best at the party with your subtle rich beige skin. Of course, there are three things that you need to take care of. The first thing is your makeover as it should be applied according to your skin texture, and then there comes your attire on the second.

You must wear something that goes perfectly with your makeup and skin tone. Last but not the least; you must have the right attitude and confidence that no matter what, you are going to shine. Gold color tattoo ink is recommended for this skin color.

One of the most vital parts of enhancing your looks is through the art of makeup. The transformation through a makeover is quite stunning and essential for parties both indoor and outdoor. Due to your special beige skin, you need to take care of your moreover both in day time and night time.


So let us start with the foundations. If you take a look at the range of foundations you would find lots of beige shades. Choose the one that matches your skin tone. Some may have bright beige while others might have dull beige. Choose it according to your skin. It is recommended to wash your face with Epsom salt before applying the foundation.

If your skin is oily then choose a foundation that does not make your skin look oily, the cake foundation is often fruitful. Contrary to this, if you have dry skin then we would recommend oil-based foundations with creamy rich texture.

Let us talk about the shades now. Those who have beige skin tones should choose foundations with olive and yellow undertones. This will provide them with a more natural blending. Other than that, if you choose something orangy or goldish shade, it can work too but as I already said it should just be a slight touch as gold and glitters can overshine your beige skin.

Try going for more earthly shades, you can try a neutral array of colors in that matter. People with beige skin tone look mesmerizing in nude blushes and makeover. This also looks good on warm skin complexion.

If your beige skin is darker then you can go for a more golden or honey beige touch on your foundations. In my opinion, I like the darker beige much more because it shows more details of your face. For example, if you have noticed how expressive Jessica Alba’s facial features are. This is because she has a medium-dark beige skin.

Eye Shadows

Well, if you are a fan of Jennifer Aniston then you have already seen how sassy she looks in her outfits and makeover. Her beige skin looks fantastic in any attire and her eyes are everything. The eye makeup is heavenly on beige skin if done right.

The beige skin can nail eye shadows. You can try brighter colors like lush green or sea blue. You can also go for dreamy purple to smoky makeup. You can find a wide range of creamy beige shades for your eye shadows. They are made to give your eyes the perfect look. Just glitter them with some golden shimmer and you will look like the mighty Cleopatra.

Beige skin tone most often falls in a neutral undertone which means you can do for both warm and cool shades. This means that you can practice off many shades on your eyes. Such a blessing!

If you want to go for darker shades then try some metallic colors. You can choose from some tints of ash, magenta, brown, black, gold, and red.


As I already said that beige skinned people mostly have neutral tone so you can go for any shade. However, some shades will look exceptionally well on those lips. You can choose to apply copper, bronze, reddish-brown, tea pink and even burgundy shade.

You know the rules already; you have to highlight one of the things, eyes or lips. Too much highlighting and glittering on a beige skin makes it look too messy. Try to remain natural. For this purpose, you can use pale-colored lip paints. The pale ones look dreamy and compliment your skin. You can also use nude colors for a perfect gloss. This also works with caramel skin color.

One of the biggest benefits of having a neutral-toned beige skin is that you can paint your lips with any color and they would look fab. Darker shades like brown, bronze, golden, reddish-brown or blue-black look lavish on the lips and make you look like a queen.

Hair color

A lot of us love to dye our hair with remarkable shades. We need to consider our skin tone before going for a dye because some colors are not meant for you and may look like a misfit. Beige skinned people have a neutral undertone which gives them the benefit to choose both warm and cool colors.

They can go for a blonde like Jennifer Aniston. Blonde hair looks heavenly on beige skin. You can use ash blonde, strawberry blonde, or if you want a cooler look then go for platinum blonde.

You can also go redhead if you want, adding a bit of cinnamon and copper touch to the red tints will make them look awesome. Burgundy, golden red and light copper are a must-try.

This may look odd but brown does not go very well with beige skin tone so you have to be very careful about that. You should try shades like chestnut, ash brown, coffee brown, or mahogany for dyeing your hair.

Famous Celebrities with Beige skin tone

Let us have a brief look at the celebrities that are gifted with beige skin tone and how well do they use it.

Jennifer Lopez

Started as a dancer, theatre artist and bar singer Lopez was always adored by her friends and family. She has made her name throughout the history with her melodious yet sizzling pop singing and unforgettable dance performances.

Other than that she has been starred in many movies and became an eye candy for the media. Lopez’s beige skin and her appearance always outshined other performers of that time and since then, she has never looked back.

Jessica Alba

Another Hollywood cutie, Jessica Alba needs no introduction as she has already claimed her worth in the realm of showbiz. She has done commendable work in movies as well as TV series. One of her most recognizable works is the portrayal of Sue Storm in the Fantastic Four movie series.

Jessica’s father has Mexican and Mother has Danish/French ancestral ties which explain why she has such an eye-gazing beige skin. Throughout her career, she has been a style icon and one of the reasons is that dark toned beige skin which looks like such a piece of art.

Jennifer Aniston

You know Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S? I know! She has been the most fashionable style diva and still is. Her beige skin and personality is loved so much that when she made an Instagram account recently, she made a new Guinness world record of having the most number of followers in 24 hours.