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What Causes Skin Under Nails to Peel?

What Causes Skin Under Nails to Peel?

Nails are a very important part of the human body. They perform many functions for our body like protecting our fingertips. Nails also serve as an acting tool and help in feeling sensations. You may have noticed skin peeling under the nails, we will explain all the causes in this article.

The skin under nails is called hyponychium it is located at the distal end of your nail bed near fingertips. This layer of skin serves as a barrier to germs and other external substances and stops them from entering into nails.

According to, you may notice skin under your nails to peel because of frequent hand washing, chemical agents in soaps, nutritional deficiency, environmental factors, dryness of skin, sunburn, nail-biting and finger sucking. It is recommended to visit a Dermatologist if this condition persists.

Sometimes due to certain reasons skin under our nails began to peel which is not only can because of some serious disease but also a threat to life and beauty of our nails. There are many reasons due to which skin under our nails began to peel. In this article, we will discuss some causes due to which skin under our nail starts peeling.

What Causes Skin Under Nails to Peel?

In this article, we have added 8 common reasons that can make skin around your nails to peel. All human beings have unique skin types. Our skin can be oily moderate or dry. Some people have inherently dry skin. They got dry skin from their genes. Such people who have inherited dry skin suffer from this problem a lot.

Regardless of whether external factors or any nutritional deficiencies they suffer this problem of skin peeling below their nails. Dry skin is prone to decay and damage and as soon as it starts cracking it starts to peel.

The following are some of the reasons due to which skin under nails began to peel.

Environmental factors can cause the skin under nails to peel

Various environmental factors cause the peeling of skin under nails. All the environmental or external factors lead to drying up the skin and as a result of this dehydration, skin starts peeling. Extreme temperatures like scorching heat of summer and cold in winters cause extreme dryness in the skin especially the skin under nails. The dehydrated skin becomes rough starts to crack and finally starts peeling.

Humidity in the atmosphere also has a role in drying up the skin under nails. As the temperature of the atmosphere increases evaporation increases and humidity of the atmosphere decreases. This decrease in humidity causes all the moisture to evaporate from our skin. Because of this reason, the skin under our nails become dehydrated and starts cracking. This cracking skin becomes red and starts to peel.

Chemical agents

Harsh chemicals in our daily use chemicals like soaps shampoo sanitizers are also the main reason for the peeling of our skin under nails. All these chemicals irritate our delicate skin. These chemicals deprive our skin of all the locked moisture. The skin under our nails which is very crucial and performs various functions becomes dehydrated cracks and starts to peel.

Detergents also contain many harsh chemicals that are dangerous for our skin. These chemicals cause itching and severe irritation of the skin under our nails. The irritated and damaged skin starts to peel.

Harsh nails products can also cause this unwanted peeling of skin under nails. Sometimes nails products contain some allergic components which cause severe allergy to nail cuticles. These hyper allergic products cause unwanted peeling of skin under nails.

Skin disorders

Skin disorders are also a cause of the peeling of our skin under nails. There are various skin disorders or any disease condition which can cause the peeling of our skin under nails. Firstly allergies are the root cause of such types of conditions.

If you are allergic to some substance or anything and come in direct contact with such substance then you can suffer from this problem. For example, copper or any other metal allergy can be the cause of such peeling of the skin.

Certain medical disorders of skin also cause peeling of our skin under nails. Hand Eczema can be a reason for the peeling of our skin under nails. Eczema is a disorder of the skin which causes inflammation of the skin and this inflammation causes the skin to turn red crack and irritated. Eventually due to this condition damaged skin starts to peel under nails.

Psoriasis is another skin disorder which can cause peeling of our skin under nails. Psoriasis is also like eczema cause our skin to dehydrate and dehydrated skin began to crack and start peeling. Psoriasis is a more serious condition than eczema and can cause more serious damage to skin under nails.

Bacterial or fungal infection can also cause the peeling of skin under nails. The skin under nails can also peel due to some kind of fungal or bacterial infections. Fungal infections can cause the skin to dry red and itchy. The skin turns into scaly patches. These dry and dead patches of skin start to peel.

Exfoliative keratolysis happens usually in summers. This process cause skins to become scaly and blisters to form. This scaly skin ultimately peels off from the skin under our nails.

Excessive hand washing

Excessive hand washing also plays a crucial role in unwanted peeling of skin under nails. Our body naturally comprises of 75% of water. Skin is the largest organ of our body needs a big share of this water for proper functioning and its stability.

Excessive hand washing can draw out all the water and moisture locked in our skin. Our skin cell deprives of necessary water content and moisture becomes rigid and shrinks in size. Loss of water causes the death of our skin cells. The dead cell starts to accumulate and form calluses. These calluses then start to peel off.

People suffering from Obsessive-compulsive disorder also have a habit of excessive hand washing due to fear of dirt and germs. This disorder also plays a significant role in the loss of all moisture and dehydration of skin cells. Dehydrated and damaged skin under nails easily peels off.

Nutritional deficiencies

The skin under our nails also peels off due to some nutritional deficiencies. A skin that is deficient in nutrients necessary for growth and proper functioning of our skin not only peels but also causes pain and bleeds.

There are many nutrients deficiency which causes peeling of skin under nails. Vitamin B3 deficiency plays the main role in skin peeling. Vitamin B3 also called Niacin is essential for skin proper functioning. The deficiency of Vitamin B3 causes a condition called pellagra. Pellagra causes our skin to dehydrate and prone to damage. Skin deficiency in vitamin B3 becomes dry and starts to peel off.

Another very important nutrient called Biotin or vitamin B12 is also very necessary for the healthy and proper functioning of our skin. People who are deficient in this nutrient also suffer from this unwanted peeling of skin under nails. The deficiency of vitamin B12 causes the skin to become extremely dry and crack. This dehydrated and cracked skin ultimately peel off.

Calcium is another nutrient playing an important part in this peeling of skin under nails. Calcium not only necessary for our teeth and bone but also for our skin. People who are suffering from calcium deficiency can also suffer from skin peeling issues.


Sunburn another reason for the peeling of our skin under nails. Prolonged exposure to heat can also cause irreparable damage to our skin. This intense sunlight can draw out all the necessary water from our skin. This dehydrated skin becomes ill and feels red and tender in touch. The ultimate result of this damage is the peeling of our skin under our nails.

As the skin under our nails is very sensitive and is in continuous touch with different subjects. The same burn can also happen when our hand comes in direct contact with hot bathing water. Hot water which we daily use in bathing and washing can also cause peeling of our skin under nails.


This habit of nail-biting is most common in infants or kids. As we grow older we automatically give up this bad habit of nail-biting. Sometimes people can’t give up this habit even after adulthood.

This unnecessary biting of nail can make our cuticle ill. Continuous nail-biting can cause infection of cuticle under nail or around our nails. This infected skin becomes damaged and tender to touch start to peel off. Usually, infants and kids suffer from skin peeling under nails due to this reason.

Finger sucking

Finger sucking also another unnecessary habit especially in infants and kids. Continuous sucking of fingers can cause our skin under and around our nails to become damaged and worn out.

This damaged skin is also infected with various germs due to continuous sucking. This damaged and infected skin becomes scaly and tender. Then skin starts to peel off under nails and around nails to peel off.

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