How to use Pomegranate for skin whitening?

How to use Pomegranate for skin whitening?

In this article, we have explained 10 best and easy methods of using pomegranate juice and oil on your skin to get healthy skin. For centuries, women have been using pomegranate for skin whitening.

How to use Pomegranate for skin whitening? You can use pomegranate juice on your skin by mixing its juice with few drops of lemon and glycerine, apply this mixture and let it dry. Pomegranate seed oil is ideal for skin whitening.

Pomegranate is the fruit that is easily available in the market. Its use is very beneficial and healthy for the skin. It gives freshness and glows to the skin and lighter skin tone. Due to which the skin becomes white. Pomegranate affects the skin from deep inside due to which it is good for the permanent whitening of the skin.

The use of pomegranate is very easy. You can use its seeds, its oil, its peel, and fruit, root any other part of it. All parts of pomegranate have a great role in skin whitening. The method of use of every part is different and but the results are the same amazing.

Pomegranate is a very healthy fruit that is very widely used in our daily life. It seems to be hectic to eat a pomegranate, to draw all the seeds out, and eat them. But this fruit contains a lot of benefits. You can use them in order to get rid of many diseases of the skin. The wrinkles can be removed from your face by the use of the pomegranate. Pomegranate is also used to remove the aging effect from the skin.

Your blood circulation is also maintained by the use of the pomegranate. It has multiple benefits with respect to human health. You can gain maximum benefits after eating this fruit. The skin cells also get many benefits from the pomegranate. You will definitely start loving this fruit after understanding its benefits. It has the best thing to fight against the inflammation in the skin.

The skin cells will gain multiple benefits through the use of pomegranate. The inflammation is totally reduced by the use of the pomegranate. You can use pomegranate whenever you like. It has no side effects for any part of the body. It contains a large amount of potassium and zinc which is very good for the health of the skin. The use of the pomegranate on a daily basis adds redness to the skin.

How to use Pomegranate for skin whitening?

The beauty of the face can be increased by the daily use of the pomegranate. Pomegranate enhances the circulation of blood it is the best to make skin fresh and glowing. The regular use of pomegranate makes cheeks red and fresh.

It is also used to remove the dark circles and other signs of dullness and aging. If you are suffering from any type of skin problem you need to use it. It is considered as the guaranteed treatment to reduce and remove any type of skin problem.

The use of pomegranate is very easy you can use every part of it because it has amazing results. There are different ways to use the pomegranate for the skin. It has multiple benefits for the skin. You will gain many benefits after using pomegranate. Some of the methods to use pomegranate are discussed here:

Pomegranate seed oil

This oil is used to cleanse your face. You can gain maximum benefits from this oil. You have to mix the pomegranate oil with punicic acid in order to use it for the cleansing purposes.

You can use them for the cleansing purposes in order to get rid of the oily face. Your face will be more beautiful after its use. It is very simple to apply on the face and wait for some time.

It will cleanse your face to remove dirt particles and other spots from the face. This is a very effective oil that can be used for other purposes also. It can be used to fill the pores of the face.

Use Pomegranate juice with lemon and glycerine

Pomegranate juice is ideal to get healthy and glowing skin. Take one tablespoon of pomegranate juice and mix it with half spoon of lemon juice. Now mix 4 to 5 drops of rose water and make a thick concentrated solution. Apply glycerine on your skin and then apply this pomegranate face mask. Let it dry and then wash it with warm water.

After washing the face with the anti-toxic cleanser properly. You can apply the toner of pomegranate juice on your face. Wait for some time to work the toner properly. Then you have to do all the process properly. It will be very helpful to get rid of many problems of the skin. It is very beneficial for the growth of the skin.

You can take the pomegranate juice along with papaya juice for skin whitening. It is very easy to make the juice of the pomegranate. You need to put the seeds of pomegranate in the juicer and add some water into it. Blend it properly. You can take pomegranate juice whenever you need it. But taking before the meal is beneficial for your skin.

After taking the juice daily, you will feel the difference in the skin tone. Your blood formation by the body is also increased by the body. You will definitely feel the difference in your daily work routine. You will feel stronger and less tired after daily work.

Pomegranate seeds for skin whitening

You can eat the pomegranate seeds daily for the betterment of your skin and body. The seeds of the pomegranate are very much affected by your skin. You can take these seeds daily.

They do not possess any side effects on your body. It will remove the aging effect from your face. The wrinkles can be reduced by its use. You have to consider it important for your skin.

To reduce dark circles

The pomegranate is full of iron and it is also considered as guaranteed treatment to cover up the deficiency of the iron. If you use it to remove the dark circles and puffiness under the eyes it enhances the blood circulation under the eyes.

Due to which the dark skin and puffiness that is the cause of dark circles will start becoming white and hence in this way dark circles removed. The dark circles can be removed by it very easily and fast.

To remove the dark circles you have to take out its fruity seeds and put them in the blender. Take out its juice. Take that juice in a clean bowl. Take a cotton puff that you can put under the eye. Dip that cotton puff in the juice for almost 10 to 15 minutes. Then lay down in a relaxed position and put that dipped puff under eyes for almost half an hour. You can also add Ylang Ylang oil for better results.

When you feel that the puff lost its cooling wet it again. For better result, you can use two puffs when one is at your eyes other remain dip in the juice. Hence in this way you can use them one by one. Try the same procedure two times a day regularly for at least one month.

You can also do the massage of the pomegranate juice by adding a few drops of castor oil in it. Add one to two drops off castor oil in three to four tablespoon of pomegranate juice and massage it for 15 to 20 minutes. If you use both steps at once it will enhance the effect two times.

To remove dark spots

It is used to remove the dark spots from deep inside the skin. To remove the dark spots you can use its juice and dip the clean cotton cloth in it and cover your face with that cloth. It will give you relaxation and calmness. You have to put that cloth on a properly washed face for almost 30 minutes. You can also apply a beeswax face mask before using this.

To remove dark spots you can also use the mask of the pomegranate. The peel of pomegranate is used for this purpose. It is difficult to make it home because it is a long process. Apply that peel-off mask on your face for 20 minutes or until it dries properly. Use it 2 times a week for one to two months. After regular use of it, your skin will become fresh and glowing and all dark spots and dullness removed away.

Removes dust and dead skin cells

It is also considered as a good treatment to remove dust and dead skin. To remove dust and dead skin cells you have to use it in the same way as to remove dark spots but enhance the duration of use.

For this, you have to use it almost 4 times in a week and will get proper and clear results with 4o to 45 days. If you do not use it in armpits, it can cause peeling off skin in armpits.

Protect from the sun

It gives protection from the sun due to which you remain damage-free after using it. The oil of pomegranate is available to use two to three drops of oil on your face before going out. It will give you protection against sun damaging rays. You can also apply to make up over it because it also acts as a primer.

If you want to use oil there are so many serums of pomegranate oil are available. You can apply it as a sunblock before going out. You also can apply it every night for the betterment of your skin.

Reduces wrinkles

There are many advantages of the pomegranate for the whole and skin specialists. The skin tone will be improved by the use of the pomegranate seeds. The pomegranate is very beneficial to reduce the aging effect from your face. The fine lines can be delayed on your face.

The wrinkles can be reduced by using the pomegranate properly. Breakouts and acne in the skin are properly treated by taking the proper amount of the pomegranate in any shape. It reduces all the damages and bad impacts from the skin and makes it fresh and glowing. You can use it with mustard oil on any type of skin you will only observe its positive impact it is the guaranteed treatment of every skin problem.


Keeps skin hydrated

It provides hydration to dry skin. The hydrated skin can be prevented from many diseases. The diseases attack rude and dry skin. Rude and dry skin can be improved very efficiently with the use of pomegranate on a daily basis. There are many benefits of the pomegranate other than skin. By and large, it is very beneficial for the whole human body.


The allergies can be prolonged by the use of pomegranate. The allergic person must use the pomegranate after the proper consultation of the dermatologist. If there is no skin allergy can it on its own.

But if there is no allergy and after the use of pomegranate on the face any inflammation like redness or rashes occur immediately consult your dermatologist.

Final words:

It regulates the blood pressure of the body. You will feel relaxed after its daily use. The use of the pomegranate is very much essential for the formation of the blood in the body. The blood circulation is improved by the use of the pomegranate. Joint pain can be reduced by the use of pomegranate. Dental health will also be improved by the proper use of the pomegranate.

Pomegranate is very beneficial for skincare. I am also using its serum on a daily basis at every night and also its face mask once a week. This gives my skin a surprising glow and makes it fresh and reduce my tone due to which I have a fairer complexion.